RPC is a consulting and training company that provides leadership and employee training programs. We specialize in designing customized HR and internal investigations training programs and regulatory compliance training with U.S. labor and employment laws. Additionally, we provide management training in a Leadership Learning track for management teams to provide knowledge of compliance with U.S. laws as well as basic “how to” supervision skills. We work across all industry sectors in providing training for prevention of harassment and discrimination and how to conduct internal investigations.   Another area of expertise is in helping smaller employers handle the leadership and HR challenges as a small company grows.  As employee headcount increases–so do the problems, often exponentially. With our help and guidance, small business owners and HR Managers can acquire the education, compliance “do’s and don’ts”, and the skills development needed to support the growth strategy of a small business and avoid legal landmines in the process.

Our Services:

  • Regulatory Compliance Training with U.S. Labor & Employment Laws
  • Respectful Workplace and EEO Training for HR and Management Teams
  • Human Resource Management & Employee Relations Training Programs
  • HR Internal Investigations Training for HR, Employee Relations, and Management Teams
  • HR On-Call Human Resources Consulting

We provide instructor-led training on client sites, at our RPC training location in Central Florida  as well as webinars, virtual classroom programs, and live streaming video conferences.  We offer numerous learning methods to offer flexibility in attending a training program and to ease in scheduling and impacts to business operations.  For more information, please go to our Contact Page or call us at (800) 517-7129

If you are searching for the right training program for your organization, give us a call at (800) 517-7129 or email us at Info@rpchr.com.

Our Mission

“To assist people and organizations achieve measurable results through targeted, results-focused training and performance solutions”.