WOW! Was so terrific meeting you and attending your HR Generalist training in Orlando. Your presentation was just the perfect mix of strategic planning, compliance, and “in seat” examples peppered with your personal experience to bring HR to life for me in a very real way. Particularly helpful were your big picture discussions on strategic alignment, indemnification, leadership conversations, management training, interactive discussions, clarity with employee complaints as they relate to HR and Management Teams, and personal career planning. Also, I would love to attend and invite my team to future management and leadership trainings. Please add me to your email list for future events. Again, thank you for sharing your authenticity, it will go a long way toward my own development in HR and beyond. Sometimes you just meet someone who has a profound influence on your development. Thank you for contributing to me in that very special way. Best of luck with your new book and future plans. I look forward to hearing from you and Kathleen!

Patricia Miles, Pathfinder Business Strategies LLC

Natalie this is Shanna Thornton I went through the HR Generalist course in Nashville, TN.  I was what is needed to keep my HR Generalist active. I really enjoyed the course and learned alot from it, since the class I have moved up considerably in our company.

Shanna Thornton

I learned a great deal from your HR generalist course last week. I feel lucky that I got to attend the course with the person that developed the materials.

Troy Dibley, Federal Reserve Board

Natalie, I want to thank you for a wonderful workshop, you are a phenomenal facilitator.  You gave great insight into the HR issues I encounter on a daily basis.  I appreciate that you used real-life examples, that always helps to put into perspective the concepts and laws.I would also like to thank you for forcing me think about my career goals.  I had considered returning to school to obtain my Masters, but didn’t feel that formal education was what I needed (or wanted).  I’ve decided to pursue my certification and to continue my education through on the job experience and workshops/seminars.

Natalie thank you for teaching for the Council on Education, you are an inspiration.  You have a lot of motivation and drive and I think a little rubbed off on me.  I hope that you continue teaching and inspiring others.

Andrea Pickens, GES Exposition Services

We will look forward to hearing from you regarding future trainings. Thank you again for a top notch training presentation on workplace investigations.

Darlene Dempsey, Seminole Tribe of Florida

As a new business owner, I was stunned when I had an employee leave willingly and then file for Unemployment Compensation. Natalie coached me and helped me to understand my rights as well as help me to take the proper action to ensure my company would be protected in any future situations. I would recommend RPC to anyone who wants to run a successful company.

Christina Snell, QG Partnership

I apologize in not sending this letter of thanks sooner – but truly enjoyed the seminar, and your HR presentation was outstanding with the wealth of information you provided me. I returned back to work, feeling that I had gained new knowledge which I could apply to my daily events. Thank you. It was very reassuring. Your guidance through the 5 days was so essential.

Addie Magnant, The Hay Adams Hotel Washington, DC

After attending the Contemporary Leadership workshop, I feel I now have the knowledge to improve the effectiveness of my communications and dealings with my management team and my senior management. I think the most significant impact from this program will be in staff retention and putting some methods in place. Thank you, Natalie. This course has been extremely insightful. You are the kind of person I would like to have at the end of a phone to talk with regularly! I have learnt so much about myself and my team.

Sarah Noor, SIF

The Leadership Essentials workshop gave me some good tips on keep me and my employees informed. I also like the tips on being a great leader, conducting meetings, holding one-on-one sessions with my employees, etc. I liked the stories that Natalie integrated with the workbook & it brought the situation to reality. Thank you.

Ben Lee, Ride-Away

It was a pleasure attending your class, Natalie. The class was incredibly informative and you were a fabulous instructor. I will be taking at least one more of your classes. As soon as I get budget approval I’ll reach out to find out where and what you are teaching. Thank you again for making what could have been a very boring class super fun!

Lisa Marie Monnig, HR Manager

The Contemporary Leadership: Managing Human Capital to Achieve Organizational Excellence was excellent! The interactive discussions were a very valuable part of the program. Learning the Feedback for Success model was a specific tool I walked away with that I will apply right away. The most significant, positive impact on the organization as a result of this leadership development program will be the importance of interacting positively with employees, utilizing the skills learned from the Conflict Dynamics Profile. Specifically Taking Perspectives and Delaying Responses.

Gloria Hooper, StayinFront

This investigations training by far exceeded my expectations.  It was very thorough and educational.  What I liked best about the program was the knowledge of the presenter. Natalie Ivey is exceptional!!

Sharon Brown, STP Nuclear Operating Company

I thoroughly enjoyed my workplace investigations training sessions the last couple of days at the Doubletree in Houston. I’ll carry my notes with me during my travels and review them as often as is practical. There is no doubt you kept the training sessions interesting and informative and your anecdotes very well save life and limb if folks take them to heart. I forwarded your web site to our Human Resources Director for future information. Thanks again.

Gordon Hobbs, Austin Industrial, Inc

The Supervisor’s Communication Toolbox workshop was Excellent. I learned how to avoid procrastinating and to confront employee performance problems early. The most valuable part of the program was learned how to understand and handle performance problems.

Maynor De Paz, Primo Electric

The Supervisor’s Communication Toolbox Workshop was Excellent! I learned how to deal with problem employees without causing more damage to situations. I feel, after having attended this workshop, that I am more knowledgeable about being a good leader and supervising employees.

Michael Dausinger, Primo Electric

The class was excellent. I felt the most valuable part of the program was learning about time management and the leadership practices. I will now build on 1:1’s to be more consistent. I think the most significant impact on our organization as a result of this leadership development program will be improved retention—and less negativity.

Darlene Hastings, SIF

The Basics of Contemporary Leadership was excellent. I learned how to handle problems with individuals properly. I also learned how to keep better records on all problems with employees. I really enjoyed what I have added to my knowledge of my job. Thanks to Tom and Natalie for it all!

Marilyn Petruccelli, United Sports Apparel

The Basics of Contemporary Leadership workshop was very good, and I will implement the 1:1 sessions with my staff. Having attended this workshop, I now know to help other departments when issues arise instead of blaming and waiting for them to fix issues on their own.

Chris Morano, Redi-Mail

The class was Excellent! I walked away with knowledge, skills, and tools, specifically listening skills. Learning that listening requires both a willingness and an ability was extremely helpful. I also learned that I have to begin to manage my time more effectively by delegating and organizing tasks. Natalie, your class is amazing. It was just as good the second time around as it was the first time, two years ago.

Antwan Chitty, StayinFront

I wanted to let you know that we got a lot of great feedback on your presentation from the ‘How to Excel as an HR Assistant’ program. The attendees said that you were an excellent presenter and that it was an outstanding class. Jackie Shannon rated your last module (Increasing Your Value to the Organization) as ‘inspirational’ and Eric Jensen said it was ‘one of the best seminars I have attended in my eight years of HR’. Thank you for the outstanding job!

Andrea Davis, Council on Education in Management

The Contemporary Leadership program was excellent! The most valuable part of the program for me was the Conflict Dynamics Profile and receiving the feedback report. I will use the SMART goal process to create and work towards goals immediately. Also, the Feedback for Success Model I will use to help me stop avoiding conflict. The most significant on our organization as a result of this program will be higher employee morale and employee retention. Thank You!

Graham Wydenbach, StayinFront

The leadership workshop was excellent. I gained insight into how to effectively communicate with others. I learned to praise in public-discipline in private and how to help others build their skills sets to make them stronger and feel more valuable. Thank you very much. You’ve presented us with a different way of looking at things. It makes us reflect on what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what we will be doing now that you have shared this information.

David Henao, Sepracor HelpDesk

I thought the workshop was excellent. I learned how to phrase statements and questions better and learned information about today’s workforce and how to improve retention. The most valuable part of the class for me was learning about time management, the critical leadership behaviors, and Natalie’s use of “real life” examples.

Diane Cosgrove, SIF

The Contemporary Leadership program was very, very good. I feel the most valuable part of the program was learning the DiSC assessment and completing it across the Europe team. Also, understanding others conflict responses, both constructive and destructive. I walked away with skills in understanding personality styles, how to conduct 1:1’s to focus on monthly performance, and adjusting my D style to work more effectively with others.

Nigel Huxtable, SIF

The leadership program, Contemporary Leadership: Managing Human Capital to Achieve Organizational Excellence was Excellent! I felt all of the program was valuable, but the most valuable was the identification of behavior traits in the 360 Conflict Dynamics Profile and my DiSC profile. The most significant impact on the organization will be the increased knowledge = increased productivity.

James Mackay, StayinFront

The most valuable part of the Contemporary Leadership program was the examples the trainer used in getting her points across. I walked away with skills in how to look at problems from a different perspective and how to understand the person I am addressing, then possibly change my approach to the problem. I learned how to get buy-in or the change I am looking for. I feel the most significant, positive impact to the organization as a result of this program will be in how we deal with each other as a leadership team.

Jay Mena, Redi Mail

In the Contemporary Leadership workshop I learned how to document my 1:1’s with direct reports throughout the year to improve employee performance. The most significant impact on the organization as a result of this leadership program will be in giving us (management) the tools and a structured approach to dealing with the day-to-day conflict and people management issues.

Brendon Oxenham, SIF

The CL program was Excellent! The most valuable part of the program was the CDP360 evaluation and the DiSC behavioral profile. I have a much better understanding of how I deal with conflicts and people. Knowing some of the behaviors of my peers and their “I”, “S”, and “D” styles will really help in my interactions with them. The most significant impact on the organization from having attended this program is that it really made us look at our behavior, from our peers and boss’s perspectives. It has us all taking about what we can do better.

Peter Brooks, SIF

The Basics of Contemporary Leadership was Excellent. I walked away with improved skills in communicating and listening. The most significant impact on the organization as a result of this program, will be the understanding of management principles necessary to motivate employees to strive for their goals, to then meet departmental goals, and ultimately our organization’s goal.

Stephen Bence, SIF

The leadership training was Excellent! The most valuable part of the program was learning about leadership principles and time management. I walked away with tools to improve my time management, specifically using the suggested templates.

Praik Kothari, SIF

The leadership training was great. The most valuable for me was it exposed faults and bad habits I didn’t know I had. I learned ‘Discipline in Private—Praise in Public.’ I learned how to conduct 1:1 performance sessions and will being doing these with my employees. This was a great workshop, I learned a lot.

Gardy Noel, SIF

The Basics of Leadership training was an informative class. It opened my eyes for some things in which I can improve upon with my leadership. I’ve learned to give a little more responsibility to the employees, to trust them, and teach them to become better. I think a positive impact on the organization will be that we’ll work together more to try to help each other out, and will communicate more.

Ryan Cosgrove, Redi-Mail

Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the program. It is so refreshing to attend a training that teaches me some concrete, practical fundamentals to take back to my job.

Anna Robinson, Forest Resources

I very much enjoyed the training and am looking forward to an opportunity to sit down and review all my materials while it is still fresh in my mind. I will definitely be checking out your website.  Thanks for the great information and tools to take away!

Holly Nissley, Hershey Foods

Thank you for an outstanding HR presentation. I cannot remember when I have learned so much in so short a time. You kept me captivated the entire time.

Joseph Taylor, Technology Services Corp