Photo: Natalie Ivey, President & CEO, and Ken Ivey, Vice President & COO of Results Performance Consulting, Inc. at the annual fundraiser for The Palm Beach School for Autism.

The Palm Beach School for Autism is a tuition free public charter school serving children from Preschool through 12th grade on the autism spectrum. They address the learning needs of the students through individual education plans, highly trained teachers and therapists and a focus on independence.  In addition to an academic education, children are schooled in the arts, technology, wood shop, French, athletics, vocational programming, social skills and daily living skills.  RPC has been a proud sponsor of the school for many years and not only provides support through financial donations and sponsorship-in-kind, but RPC also provides HR consulting at significantly reduced rates to help the school’s administration.  Our goal is to help the administration provide good leadership to retain the talented employees who work there, but to also help the administration on an as-needed basis with HR and employee relations’ issues to ensure they minimize risk to their organization.

Photo:  The RPC team with law enforcement officers in Palm Beach County, Florida at the annual ASIS LEO Awards Luncheon at the PGA Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

RPC has been a proud sponsor of ASIS International’s annual LEO Awards, which honors law enforcement officers for their extraordinary commitment to public service.

Photo:  Natalie Ivey, President & CEO of Results Performance Consulting, Inc. with two mentees with the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship organization at the annual graduation luncheon.

Natalie has been a mentor with the Women of Tomorrow organization for a number of years, offering guidance to young women who are at-risk of not living up to their full potential.  Natalie has donated her time, once per month, to visit with young women at the JP Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Florida to provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship to young women who are high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

RPC is a proud sponsor of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida and contributes financial resources on an annual basis to support the organization.  Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRROF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to placing Labrador Retrievers in loving, permanent homes. The organization is comprised of hardworking volunteers and veterinarian partners that are committed to placing Labs in new homes.   LRROF provides foster care, veterinary care, spaying/neutering and microchips for the Labradors in the adoption program. The goal is to place Labradors in appropriate, permanent homes. Prior to an adoption, LRROF considers the history, temperament, personality, and energy level of the rescued Labrador. The placement process includes a written application and a home visit of the potential adopter.  LRROF is committed to making a lifelong match for of all our adopted Labradors.

Over the years, Natalie, Ken, and Taylor Ivey have all volunteered to foster Labradors in need of a home.  Over the years, the Ivey family has helped to foster and place numerous Labs into loving homes.  However, some of the Labs have been “foster failures” in that they warmed the hearts of the family so much that the dogs just stayed as part of the Ivey family.

Below are the beloved Ivey Labrador Retrievers:

Sam:  Sam was rescued from an abusive home and taken in as a foster dog.  Natalie and Ken Ivey had just lost their beloved Lab, Summer, and were looking for another dog to fill the void in their hearts.  Sam was adopted in 2010, and he has been a member of the Ivey family since 2010 and is now 15 years old.   Sam is also the Labrador mascot for RPC’s HR On-Call service.  New customers to HR On-Call receive a welcome kit that includes a beautiful, plush Labrador dog, that is a replica of Sam, in a t-shirt that says: HR On-Call: “We Fetch the HR Answers for You.”

“Ranger”:  Ranger was rescued by LRROF after being “dumped” in an agricultural area outside of Miami.  He was abandoned and left to fend for himself.  He is a tough, stocky Chocolate Labrador and survived much like an Army Ranger would, given his circumstances.  He was named Ranger for his tenacity in surviving on his own.  Ranger is a very gentle dog and enjoys his afternoon naps.

Tiny was languishing in the Broward County Animal Shelter for nearly a week and his time was up and was just about to be euthanized, until LRROF was able to pull him from the shelter and get him into a foster home.   Tiny is 120 lbs. of pure Labrador Retriever; however, because of his size and his diagnosis with Progressive Retinal Atrophy, would-be adopters simply passed over him in the shelter.  Natalie and Ken Ivey fostered him, until he was a “foster failure” and the family simply kept him with the pack.  Tiny is an affectionate “goofball” who loves his afternoon naps just as much as Ranger does, but loves his squeaky toys and playing fetch, as most Labs do.

Banana was rescued by LRROF and was placed into foster care with Taylor Ivey, Consultant and Chief Millennial Officer with RPC.  After just a short time, Taylor realized that he couldn’t part with him and then affectionately named him “Banana”, since he is yellow,  his tail curves just like a banana, and he has a silly personality.   Banana is known as a “pocket Labrador” because is very small and less than 50lbs. He is also known affectionately as “Nanner.”

In Memorium:  

Watson was one of the most special Labradors ever adopted by the Ivey family.  Watson was rescued by LRROF volunteers, just north of the Tampa Bay area, and he was placed into a foster home under the name of Mason.   After Natalie and Ken Ivey visited his foster home, they immediately adopted him because of his very gentle, almost proper demeanor.  After driving home from the foster’s home, Natalie and Ken began to ponder names for him.  What came to mind, since he was an English Labrador Retriever and was so gentle and polite, was to name him “Watson” after Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes.  Watson lived with the Ivey’s for several years until, sadly, he passed away from congestive heart failure.  Watson had heart worms that had not been treated until he was taken in as a rescue.  Although he had received the heart worm treatment, too many years had gone by without a monthly heart worm preventive.  The damage from the heart worms, over time, weakened his heart.  However, his heart was very big and he was, and still is, seriously missed by everyone who knew him, as he was such a sweet, gentle, loving dog.

Our beloved “Summer.”  Summer was adopted by the Ivey family when a friend was moving into a home in which he could only have one dog.  The Ivey’s adopted Summer instantly, and she fit right in with the family.   Summer was one of a kind and the most soulful of all the Labradors the Ivey clan has had over the years.  Summer was truly the best swimmer of them all, spending more time in the pool than on land.  She lived to be 15 years old.

Our beloved “JoJo.”  JoJo was adopted by the Ivey family after having been in and out of various LRROF foster homes for over a year.  JoJo had hip dysplasia and had actually been adopted, but returned the next day by the last adoptive family.  His heart was broken, as he had bonded with the family’s two small children.  He was truly an amazing dog, but sadly he passed away after the Ivey’s only had him for four months.  JoJo developed a gastric ulcer when he was just five years old.  He will always be remembered for a most comical act, though.  One year at holiday time at Grandma Ivey’s house in Georgia, JoJo took it upon himself to go “kitchen counter surfing” and found himself a coffee cake.   Upon returning from shopping, the family noticed something was amiss in the living room, as the remnants of a coffee cake box were a telltale sign… JoJo had taken the coffee cake out of the box, kept the plastic wrapper on, and gently placed it into the corner of Grandma Ivey’s sofa.  He even covered his treasure with a throw pillow.  Evidently, he was saving it for later.  :O)