In less than 20 years, we’ve seen cultural and generational diversity radically change the landscape of the U.S. workforce. Employees who are foreign born, as an example, sometimes have very different religious faiths, customs, traditions, and communication styles both verbally and non-verbally. And, when these folks mix into work groups where there may not have been as much diversity in the past, it can become fertile ground for hostile work environment complaints, EEOC charges, and potentially even litigation. And, when you have younger employees who think it’s okay to use the office as a “dating ground” or a place where it’s ok to call older employees, “Grandpa” or other derogatory names…again, you have fertile ground for problems.

All one needs to do is read the local newspaper to see yet another employer who has been sued–and had to write a check with a lot of zeros on it–to settle a claim for harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or other legal issues. And, in looking at the EEOC charge statistics at, it is evident that the number of claims is increasing each year, particularly claims of retaliation. What that means is that more EEOC charge notices are coming across the desks of HR professionals. And, if HR professionals are not doing a good job of investigating issues internally, and documenting them, the risk to the organization increases.

To educate yourself and your HR team members on how to properly conduct investigations, we offer several training program options, ranging from an abbreviated 1.5 day program to a 3-day comprehensive workshop, which includes three practice investigations. The facilitator for all of our programs is Natalie Ivey, seasoned HR consultant, speaker, educator, and author. Ms. Ivey is a nationally known speaker who routinely speaks at SHRM conferences, and is also the author of the best selling book: How to Conduct Internal Investigations: A Practical Guide for HR Professionals.

To determine the cost for providing your team with training, simply multiply the per-person registration cost by the number of attendees you plan to include in the training program. The pricing for our programs is a per-person registration fee, and is ALL INCLUSIVE. What this means is that the prices quoted are inclusive of all training materials, audiovisuals, handouts, and training consultant’s travel and incidental expenses to/from your designated training site. The pricing listed is for training delivered within the continental United States.  For organizations that anticipate the roster of attendees will be greater than 25 people, we do provide some pricing discounts at 25+ attendees.   For pricing on programs in major cities such as New York City or San Francisco, in which travel costs are considerably higher, please add $100 per person to the registration fee. For pricing on programs delivered in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the United States, please contact us at or at (800) 517-7129 and press Ext. 2 for Client Services.

To learn more about our 1.5 Day HR Investigations Training Workshop, our 2-Day HR Investigations Training Workshop, or our 3-Day HR Investigations Workshop, please just click on the corresponding link for the course agenda and pricing.