In our experience in consulting with clients, across numerous industry sectors, one thing is a common denominator:  Human Resources.  What we often see are professionals, generally internal to the organization, who are “thrown to the wolves” so-to-speak to “do HR.”  Many executives today, especially in smaller organizations, simply do not understand the risks associated with managing employees in the contemporary environment.  Specifically, all it takes these days is one disgruntled employee to lodge a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). And, once that complaint is lodged and an employer has found itself on the losing end of litigation with the EEOC…the end result is a Consent Decree, or settlement agreement that outlines the employer’s obligations to “right” what the EEOC states the company has done “wrong.”  More than likely the EEOC will mandate a specified amount of annual training on all of the federal anti-discrimination laws the EEOC enforces, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and so on.  And, the organization will be responsible for writing a big, fat check with a lot of zeros on it…

At RPC, we specialize in providing HR training from basic, entry-level HR programs to learn the “do’s and don’ts” of regulatory compliance to strategic leadership and HR training for senior executives.   For more information about some of our standard HR training programs, just click on the following links to view the course agendas and pricing:

1.5 Day Intro to HR

1-2 Day Contemporary Leadership:  Driving Results & Managing Risk

3-day HR for Small Business:  The Laws, Lessons, and How to Avoid Getting Sued

2-day FMLA & ADA Compliance Workshop

In addition to our standard  programs, we also design and deliver customized programs tailored to your specific needs.  As an example, one of our clients with seven U.S. locations requested an “HR Boot Camp” program to educate his management team about HR, regulatory compliance, and some basic “how-to” supervisor skills that he felt his team needed to improve as a management team.  So, we have a lot of experience in building customized training solutions that are targeted, and to achieve the desired professional development.   We are happy to talk with you about your specific HR training needs and put together a proposal with a program agenda and pricing.  For more information, please email us at or call us at (800) 517-7129 Ext. 2 for Client Services.

How We Provide Training:

We have seasoned training instructors with decades of experience in delivering classroom and online education. We can provide a qualified training instructor to travel to your location(s) or you can send your people to us, at our training locations in Daytona Beach and Orlando, Florida.  For information please click here to learn more about our classroom training programs.

For a one-day program (6-8 contact hours per day) the schedule would need to be an 8-5 schedule with a working lunch. For contact hours that would exceed 8 hours in a day, the program would need to be extended to a two, or a three-day program.

The cost of our HR training programs are always on a per-person basis and all-inclusive of instructor travel and incidental expenses, all books and materials, the instructional design of the program, and Certificate of Training for each attendee.

For consent decrees that mandate employees and managers receive the training, we have an e-learning solution that will enable you to reach thousands of employees and still meet your compliance obligation. Our cutting edge e-learning solution Preventing Discrimination & Harassment is a highly interactive e-learning solution that can be deployed across your entire employee population.   The employee version of the EEO training is just 30 minutes in length and employees can log in and take the course at a time that is convenient for them.  Additionally, the manager version of the EEO training is just 60 minutes in length.  Both courses are designed with cutting edge video that truly explains the “Do’s and Don’ts” to minimize risk to the organization.

We are happy to discuss with you your exact requirements and help you to develop a plan to meet your compliance obligations.   We are often asked, “How much do you charge for your  training?”

The answer is it depends. What really are the determining factors in cost are the number of employees in need of the training, whether they are managers or employees, the number of contact hours required, geographic location where the training program needs to be delivered, virtual vs. in-person classroom instruction, and the number of days of training required.

A general guide regarding cost for training can be found in the FAQ section at For more information, please contact us at or at (800) 517-7129 and press Extension 2 for Client Services.