World of Medicine Global Leadership Team
Leadership Development Program
Orlando, FL

Navajo Agricultural Products (NAPI)
Leadership Development Training Program
All NAPI leaders took part in a 2-day training
program to build management skills, including
improving behavioral styles using the DISC Profile
and The Conflict Dynamics Profile

NAPI produces many products but is best known
for supplying potatoes for Frito-Lay potato chips
Natalie Ivey, CEO of RPC had the pleasure of taking
a tour of the potato sorting and distribution facility
Farmington, NM

Photo #1:  Natalie Ivey, with a guest, at the Palm Beach School for Autism annual fundraiser
Photo #2:  Natalie Ivey with two mentees at the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship luncheon
Photo #3:  Ken Ivey and Steve Carroll at the annual ASIS International LEO Awards Luncheon
Photo #4:  Members of the RPC team with Palm Beach County law enforcement officers, ASIS LEO Awards Luncheon

Photo #1:  Natalie Ivey and Kathleen Kalies at a book signing event, HR Palm Beach County Annual Conference, W. Palm Beach, FL
Photo #2: Natalie Ivey at a book signing at the HR Florida State Conference, Orlando, FL
Photo #3: Natalie Ivey and Kathleen Kalies, Client Services Manager for RPC, at the HR Florida State Conference, Orlando, FL