Frequently Asked Questions

We consult with employers of all sizes and our expertise is in diagnosing leadership and employee relations’ issues that are impeding organizational goals, such as organizations experiencing high levels of employee turnover and/or excessive absenteeism.  We work with organizations across all industry sectors including energy, telecommunications, transportation, financial services, law firms, construction, and higher education. However, we have specific expertise in working public sector employers such as municipalities, counties, and state government. Additionally, we have expertise in working with Native American tribes that often have unique organizational challenges, such as operating gaming casinos on sovereign land and employing non-tribal employees.

We possess specific expertise in consulting with medium to large organizations to create internal investigation processes and procedures, and assist in creating centralized teams to conduct employee relations and ethics investigations.

We provide consulting in two ways:

  1. HR Consulting for larger organizations:  The cost will vary significantly from one client project to another depending upon the geographic location, whether or not the project will require us to come on site vs. conduct meetings virtually, the time required for a particular project, and of course the scope of work involved.  Our initial consultation(s) with clients are always complimentary. We want to get to know our clients, personally, to ensure we have a clear picture of how to provide the best possible value. Once we understand the needs, we put together a proposal that recommends several options of how we can provide our services.
  2. HR On-Call Consulting for smaller employers: We provide on-demand HR consulting to help smaller employers navigate the myriad of U.S. rules and regulations regarding management of employees.  We typically consult with employers on issues such as how to manage a poor performing employee, how to properly document employee performance and behavior issues, how to prepare for and handle a difficult employee termination meeting, and provide guidance and expertise in compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws.  HR On-Call is billed at $275/hour pro-rated to the quarter hour.  We charge only for time that is actually needed and simply invoice monthly with Net 30 terms.  As an example, for clients who may only need a few compliance questions answered or need to call us to talk through an employee issue, we would simply invoice at month end for $68.75 for just the quarter hour.  HR On-Call is a perfect fit for employers who are growing rapidly and increasing employee population; yet, are still at a growth stage where HR is somewhat managed by administrative staff.  We help smaller employers hold onto their hard-earned profits by helping them to avoid making significant mistakes in the handling of HR matters and to minimize the risk of fines and penalties for failing to comply with labor and employment laws.
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HR Training
Management Team Training
HR Internal Investigations Training
Respectful Workplace | Labor and Employment Law Training

Our training programs focus on people skills development, and we specialize in providing conflict resolution and communication skills training. In addition, we also specialize in educating business owners, HR professionals, and management teams about compliance with federal labor and employment laws such as FMLA, ADA, ADEA, FLSA, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and many others.

Our training is available in several formats:

  • Instructor-led, On-site Classroom Programs
  • Virtual Classroom Programs
  • On-demand, Virtual Programs

For budgeting purposes, you can expect the per-person cost for training to average between $395-$1,695 per person.  The cost for training varies largely because of differences in course content, number of sessions/days our instructors will need to train, number of attendees, in-person vs. virtual, and the kinds of materials we utilize in a particular program.

Once you have an idea of the type of training program you have in mind, here are some standard questions that we will need to have answered in order to provide you with accurate pricing and a training proposal:

  • How many individuals will need to attend the training?
  • Virtual or in-person training on-site at one of your facilities?
  • What is your budget for the training?
  • Can everyone attend the training all at once?
  • If everyone can’t attend all at once, how many sessions will be needed to enable everyone to attend?
    • E.g. Management team of 30, but all 30 can’t be away from the operation at one time so the group is divided into Group 1 and Group 2.
  • Will they attend the training all in one location or will you need one of our trainers to travel to other, satellite locations to facilitate the training?
  • Will the training be conducted on-site at your facilities, or will you need to secure meeting space at a local hotel or conference center?
  • If training will be conducted on site at your facilities, do you have adequate space to accommodate, comfortably, all the attendees with the room set classroom style?
  • Does the space already have audiovisual equipment in place? (e.g. ceiling mounted projector and wall mounted screen).
  • Will the individuals attending the training all speak English, fluently?
  • Will you have any physically challenged or special needs attendees?
  • When would you like to schedule the training?
  • What time frame(s) will you need to schedule? e.g. day 8:30 am -4:30 pm or evening 3:00 pm -11:00 pm
  • Who has the financial decision-making authority to approve the training program? We need this information, as when we submit a proposal we require that it be sent directly to the individual responsible for approving the training.
  • What are your key objectives in implementing a training program?

Yes. We do provide individual, one-on-one training.  Your employees can attend training by simply logging on from their work station and joining us in a scheduled virtual classroom program or an on-demand, recorded webinar program.  Our instructors also routinely teach continuing education programs that are offered to the general public.  To view upcoming training classes, please go to our Upcoming Events page.

We can facilitate classroom training at our training site in Daytona Beach, Florida, which is the Halifax River Yacht Club or in Orlando at a variety of venues that we typically utilize in Orlando near the Disney entertainment venues in Lake Buena Vista.  We generally deliver the majority of our programs on-site at client facilities or at a local meeting space, such as a hotel or conference center.  Most employers have a conference room and/or a training room and this option is usually very effective and reduces cost.  We also facilitate programs virtually, using Zoom and Webex Training.

Our offices are located in DeLand, Florida, which is approximately 35 miles northeast of Orlando, Florida and 23 miles west of Daytona Beach, Florida. We are on Eastern time zone. The facility we utilize for our training programs is the Halifax River Yacht Club located in Daytona Beach, Florida.

We are available, by phone, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Yes. Our instructors will travel to wherever the designated training site is located.

Virtual programs range from $199-$249 for a 60-90 minute live presentation and $299 for both the live and recorded presentation. The cost varies, depending upon the subject matter contained in a particular program.

If you are in need of a customized virtual program, we can design a program that will fit your needs.  Just contact us to discuss your project and we can provide you with pricing.

Yes. For more information about certification, please contact us (800) 517-7129 or