Frequently Asked Questions

We consult with employers of all sizes and our expertise is in diagnosing organization dysfunction, specifically leadership and employee relations’ issues that are impeding organizational goals.  We also provide a wide variety of training programs and workshops to ensure leadership behaviors and employment practices are in compliance with labor and employment laws.  We have some clients that take advantage of our HR On-Call human resource consulting to get on-demand advice on labor and employment laws and how to handle employee relations issues.  Some of our clients leverage us for our expertise in designing and facilitating leadership training programs.  We have specific expertise in providing employment law training for supervisors without the “legal mumbo jumbo.”  Our programs help supervisors “get” HR so they actually understand why–and how–to lead employees within the boundaries of labor and employment laws.

We provide consulting in two ways:

  1. Employers who need on-demand, HR help, such as help with an employee relations issue, how to handle a sticky termination, or need assistance with an employee misconduct issue, we charge $275/hour pro-rated to the quarter hour.  We charge only for time that is actually needed and simply invoice monthly with Net 15 terms
  2. Consulting services that require us to be more “hands-on” (such as helping to revise company policies or design a custom training program) the cost will vary significantly from one client project to another. The cost varies because of client size, number of employees, geographic location, time required on a particular project, etc.  Our initial consultation(s) with clients are always complimentary. We want to get to know our clients, personally, to ensure we have a clear picture of how to provide the best possible value. Once we understand the needs, we put together a proposal that recommends several options of how we can provide our services.

HR Training
Management Team Training
Internal Investigations Training
Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Harassment Training
Labor and Employment Law Training

Our management team training focuses on development of core competencies or “people skills” to improve supervisors’ skills in managing others. We firmly believe that people don’t leave companies–they leave their managers. Therefore, our programs teach the critical skills that supervisors and managers must possess to be effective in leading employees and achieving organizational goals.

Our training programs also focus on people skills development, and we specialize in providing conflict resolution skills training and communication skills training. In addition, we also specialize in educating business owners, HR professionals, and management teams about compliance with labor and employment laws such as FMLA, ADA, ADEA, FLSA, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and many others.

Our training is available in 4 formats:

  • Instructor-led Classroom Workshops & Training Certification Programs, led by one of our training consultants
  • Scheduled Webinars/Virtual Classroom sessions and recorded sessions
  • Live-streaming, Interactive Video Training sessions
  • One-on-One Consulting and Executive Coaching

We are often asked this question, and the answer always is, “it depends.”   Largely because of differences in course content, number of days, how far we have to travel to deliver a program, and the kinds of materials we utilize in a particular program. As a general guideline, the current market rate for leadership training programs ranges from $299-$3000+ per person. Yes, there are public seminars offered at the local hotel for just $99, but the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Often, the facilitators of these seminar programs are more interested in selling books and other materials vs. really delivering a quality professional development program.

On the higher-end of training programs offered to the public (open enrollment at a local hotel vs. having a trainer come exclusively to your company), you can expect to pay between $1695-$2,295 for a two or three-day training class. As an example, the certification programs offered by HR Training Center, one of our strategic partners, range in price from $1695 to $2295.

At RPC, the registration fees for most of our management training programs are between $599-$1199 per person. Our employee training programs range between $399-$899 per person.  Also, as we build a relationship with a client to provide training on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis in what we call a Learning Track, we are then able to pass on even more cost savings. The more training programs we deliver, the more value we can provide in pricing for each program. Of course, before we get started on any training initiative, we first need to get to know our clients and make sure the training being requested will drive the desired results.

Once you have an idea of the type of training program you have in mind, here are some standard questions that we will need to have answered in order to provide you with accurate pricing and training proposal:

How many individuals will need to attend the training?

Will they attend the training all in one location or will you need one of our trainers to travel to other, satellite locations to facilitate the training?

Will the training be conducted on-site at your facilities, or will you need to secure meeting space at a local hotel or conference center?

If training will be conducted on site at your facilities, do you have adequate space to accommodate, comfortably, all the attendees?

Does the space already have audiovisual equipment in place? (e.g. ceiling mounted projector and wall mounted screen).

Will the individuals attending the training all speak English, fluently?

Will you have any physically challenged or special needs attendees?

How long should the training be? Half-day? Two Days?

When would you like to schedule the training?

What time frame(s) will you need the training to take place? e.g. day 8:30 am -4:30 pm or evening 3:00 pm -11:00 pm

Who has the financial decision-making authority to approve the training program? We need this information, as when we submit a proposal we require that it be sent directly to the individual responsible for approving the training.

What are your key objectives in implementing a training program? Specifically, what are your expectations of what the training will do for your organization, once delivered?

Yes. We prefer to have at least four participants in an instructor-led classroom training program, as fewer than four really becomes more individualized instruction.  However, if it is not possible to have four attend a classroom training program, we can make other arrangements to organize the training format and schedule.

Yes. We do provide individual, one-on-one training. Many small businesses need this kind of 1:1 service as they often have just “one person show” HR departments.  Also, sometimes leaders need some 1:1 coaching to improve their performance.  We can either have a trainer come to your facility to conduct 1:1 training, or we can have your employee come to our facility. Also, if a client isn’t located near our facilities in Boca Raton, Florida, we can provide a distance-learning option via our virtual classroom programs.  Your employees can attend training by simply logging on from their work station and joining us in a virtual classroom.

We can facilitate classroom training at our facility in central Florida and at a variety of venues that we typically utilize in Florida.  We also deliver the majority of our programs on-site at client facilities or at a local meeting space, such as a hotel or conference center. Most employers have a conference room and/or a training room and this option is usually very effective and reduces cost. However, for management teams larger than ten, it is recommended to hold the training at a local hotel or conference center to have adequate space for break-outs into small groups and to accomplish classroom activities.

Our offices are located in DeLand, Florida, which is in the greater Orlando, Florida area. We are on Eastern time zone.

Even larger employers, with seasoned HR Managers, often find themselves challenged with employee relations issues, particularly complex FMLA and leave issues, disability issues, and sensitive employee performance issues and terminations. When challenged with those issues that go beyond a staff’s expertise, the next call is usually to in-house or retained counsel.  Although attorneys are wonderful for providing legal advice in these situations (and we have a list of attorneys we highly recommend) they often lack the knowledge and expertise of how to fix the management-employee problems that created the legal issue in the first place.  That’s where we come in. By leveraging our expertise, employers get clear, to-the-point answers on what to do during challenging–and sometimes sticky–HR situations.  And, we provide counsel and support on how to avoid that same issue in the future, which minimizes legal risk.  An example of the situations we help with: A female employee makes a complaint of sexual harassment to the HR Manager, and the HR Manager is inexperienced in dealing with a sexual harassment allegation and how to properly investigate.  Or, other common issues we assist with is how to handle a poor performing employee or an employee who is abusing time off/leave policies.  By calling us, we walk HR through the steps and offer our expertise and guidance.  We can also come to the site to provide personal assistance.   Having access to professional, senior-level HR management expertise enables our clients to receive quick, cost effective solutions to people and performance problems.

We are available, by phone, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Yes. We provide training and consulting for many clients, from smaller employers with fewer than 100 employees to large, global organizations with both domestic and foreign locations.  We work across all industry sectors  and our consultants will also travel internationally if a client prefers to have us fly to a particular work site/satellite location.  We also specialize in providing expertise to international clients who are interested in doing business in the U.S.  We can provide consulting on legal compliance, the best methods for acquiring talent, how to design a performance management structure that will drive results, and how to develop a positive organizational culture that will generate an ROI.

Webinars conducted through several of our partners range from $199-$299 for a live presentation and between $299-$599 for a live and recorded presentation. The cost varies, depending upon the subject matter contained in a particular Webinar.

If you are in need of a customized Webinar or Virtual Classroom Training Program, we provide customized instructional design of a program that will fit your needs.  Some of the more popular topics that we deliver can be found on our Webinars page.  Any of the Webinars delivered to the general public can be tailored to your organization.  The cost will be vary, depending upon the amount of customization you require, number of attendees, length of program, and subject matter.   If a live-streaming Video/Virtual Classroom Training session is desired, we also deliver any of our Webinar programs in this format.  The cost for a live Virtual Classroom Training does vary from one project to another, so please contact us to discuss details and we can then provide a proposal.

Yes. Most of our courses are HRCI and SHRM accredited, which provides HR professionals who possess certification to earn re-certification credits to maintain their professional credentials.  For more information about certification, please contact us (800) 517-7129 or Info@rpchr.com