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As an HR consulting practice, we often talk with business owners and executives on the challenges they face in “finding great talent”—especially in HR. For growing organizations that are in need of HR leadership, we can help find just the right fit for your organization.

Through a strategic partnership we have with HrQ, an executive placement and Interim HR Staffing firm, we can help you find your next Director, VP, or Chief HR Officer.

The way we work with HrQ is that we first get to know our clients’ needs, culture, and get clarity on the technical, functional, and behavioral competencies that will be needed in the role to be filled. At that point, we engage our partners with HrQ, shorten the time-frame on the front side of the engagement by “cutting to the chase” of the type of leader that is needed for your organization. From then on, an executive placement specialist will work with you on the talent search until a pool of qualified applicants is generated.

As part of our consulting, we can take part in the interviewing process from the beginning to help you identify the top 2-3 candidates. Or, we can simply become engaged when the candidate pool has been narrowed down to 2-3 candidates.   We will then consult with you to guide the process on how best to complete the onboarding process for the newly selected HR leader.

For more information on our executive search capabilities, please contact us at Info@rpchr.com or at (800) 517-7129 and Press 2 for Client Services.