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How to Pay Employees During Weather Emergencies and Business Closings

The 2017 hurricane season has certainly packed a punch on the entire Southeastern part of the United States. During weather emergencies like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, the focus is always on making sure all the necessary preparations are made to keep people and property safe from the storms. However, once the weather emergency is [...]

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Reasonable or Unreasonable Accommodation under the ADA?

As an HR consultant, I work with a lot of organizations across many industry sectors.  However, one common denominator is that all of these organizations' HR teams seem to struggle with managing ADA cases today.  Since the amendment of the ADA several years ago, the number of accommodation requests coming across HR's desk has increased [...]

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Human Resource Tips

Assertive vs. Aggressive:  Ten Tips on How to Stand Your Ground in the Workplace without Getting Aggressive The dictionary actually defines aggressive as “full of enterprise and initiative; bold and active; pushing; starting fights or quarrels; ready or willing to engage in direct action; militant.” Depending on your preferred definition, “aggressive” can be either positive [...]

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Florida HR Tips

Florida HR Consulting firm, Results Performance Consulting, shares an excerpt from one of its human resource seminars The Basics of Handling  Workplace Investigation Recognizing the Challenges to Conducting Effective and Thorough Investigations In today’s work environment, managers and human resource professionals are faced with numerous challenges:  managing a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce, handling employee work/life balance [...]

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Leadership Training Tips: How to Manage Employee Performance

In today’s environment supervisors and managers are faced with numerous challenges:  managing a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce, handling employee training, employee work/life balance issues, resolving employee conflict, keeping pace with rapid organizational change, and managing within the boundaries of employment laws that didn’t even exist 15 years ago.   In addition, leaders today are challenged with effectively communicating corporate [...]

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Employee Training Tips – Giving Feedback During Reviews

Training Tips from one of our human resource seminars in Florida : GIVING FEEDBACK DURING PERFORMANCE REVIEWS The supervisors who are proactive in discussing performance throughout the year (and actually refer to the review document) are those who are true leaders and respected by their employees.  The supervisors who simply rush through the review, and [...]

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Great HR tips from Florida HR consulting firm, RPC, from one of their human resource seminars on workplace investigations:

DYSFUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS THAT LEAD TO WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS Quasi-militaristic management Lack of employee involvement in decision-making processes Unrealistic expectations and demands Lack of diversity education Poor communication processes Lack of system for addressing employee concerns Punitive disciplinary processes It is not uncommon today to pick up the newspaper and read about a workplace violence incident, [...]

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The Four Step Progressive Disciplinary Process

Great Management Training Tips on How to Improve Employee Performance, from RPC, a Florida HR consulting firm that provides human resource seminars in Florida and throughout the U.S. When HR provides consulting to managers on how to handle a performance issue with an employee, they should explain the organization’s progressive discipline process.  And, they should [...]

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Problem Employees and Employee Drama – Some Great Advice for Entrepreneurs and Managers, from Florida HR Consulting firm, Results Performance Consulting:

The Small Business Owner Challenge: Keeping Your Eye on the Bottom Line While Dealing with “High Drama” Employees Most business owners have to watch their P&L’s like a hawk, especially in this tough economy. The problem is, many business owners are too busy dealing with “problem child” employees and petty workplace drama. Every workplace has [...]

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