Results Performance Consulting, Inc.

Results Performance Consulting, Inc. (RPC) is a consulting and training company that helps organizations improve performance through HR management and Employee Relations consulting and leadership and professional development programs.  In 2002, the business was founded by the President and CEO, Natalie Ivey.

Today, RPC has grown into a company that provides risk management guidance and expertise to employers through leadership and HR training programs using various delivery methods including traditional Instructor-led classroom, Virtual classroom, Webinars, and Live-streaming video presentations.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create customized training programs that are industry-specific.  As an example, a client of ours in Houston, TX was required by the EEOC to provide 17 contact hours of training on all 7 hours of training on all the EEO laws + 10 hours of internal investigations training.  RPC was selected for all four years to provide their legally mandated training because of the ease in working with us, that we are cost-effective, and our ability to create customized, industry-specific curriculum.  At RPC we know how important it is for attendees to attend relevant training. Therefore, when we work with our clients we immerse ourselves in their industry if we are not already familiar with it.  For this particular client in the oil and gas business in Houston, we created new curriculum for each of the four years of their legal consent decree. At RPC we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver customized solutions for our clients, that generate an ROI, that are relevant and effective–and don’t cost a fortune.

In addition to creating custom training curriculum, RPC also assists employers in how to improve employee relations and HR investigations processes and procedures.  We teach business leaders and management teams the “do’s and don’ts” of managing employees today to minimize the risk of violating federal labor and employment laws.  In our experience, professionals are often “thrown to the wolves” to handle the leadership and HR challenges as a company grows, and often their plates are already full.  As employee headcount increases–so do the problems, often exponentially. With our help and guidance, leaders and HR | ER professionals can acquire the education, compliance “do’s and don’ts” and the skills development needed to support organizational growth and risk management objectives.  With our help, organizations hold onto hard-earned profits vs. giving away those hard-earned profits in defense during frivolous employment law suits.

We work with organizations of all sizes and across all industry sectors, both domestically in the U.S. and internationally.  We have a variety of learning interventions to meet the needs of any organization and we possess expertise in designing and delivering Equal Employment Opportunity and HR investigations compliance training to meet EEOC mandated training requirements.

For more information about our targeted, results-focused consulting and training programs, please contact us at or at (800) 517-7129 Ext. 2 for Client Services.

Our Services

  • Leadership and Professional Development Training Programs
  • HR On-Call Human Resource Management Consulting for Smaller Employers
  • HR Department Strategic Planning & Organization Development
  • HR & Employment Law Training Programs
  • Internal Investigations Training Programs for HR Professionals

We consult with small to medium-size employers to improve management and employee work performance, lower labor costs, and improve compliance with labor & employment laws. It’s like having an “on call” HR guru to call whenever a problem arises and get sound, practical advice on how to handle employee situations.

We also provide high quality, cost-effective professional development training programs, and we specialize in providing leadership training for management teams. Our programs are delivered in a modular format (shorter duration courses) via classroom workshops or via virtual classroom sessions. We offer numerous learning methods to offer flexibility in attending a training course and to ease in scheduling. Also, each one of our leadership training courses is designed to strengthen the “people” skills of supervisors and managers, as we know all too well…People don’t leave companies–they leave their managers.

For that reason, all RPC courses are designed to provide critical, interpersonal “people skills” to improve managers’ ability to effectively lead today’s highly diverse workforce. These skills directly translate into improved retention of talent and improved business performance. In other words, better trained leaders who know how to communicate effectively and manage performance, and enable employers to hold onto their greatest assets—people.

We also provide assistance with strategic planning, offer best practices, resources, tools, and cost-effective solutions to everyday human resource challenges. We got into business because we’re passionate about helping employers focus on business, retain good people, and drive improvements in profitability, customer service, quality, and productivity. We’re also passionate about helping leaders and HR professionals continually develop their skills–and careers–through high quality continuing education programs.

Overall, we’re subject matter experts in how to align people and processes with goals to improve performance, and we have numerous client testimonials that speak to our capabilities. For specific feedback from our clients, please refer to our Testimonials page.

Why Hire Us?

1. Our Competence and Experience

For starters, we’re able to quickly assess the root causes of people and performance problems and develop solutions. To us, if a problem is as obvious as a ham sandwich–why analyze it to death? We have, combined, over 100+ years of leadership experience among all HR consultants and executive coaches on our team. We bring the expertise of leadership–from the trenches–and you’ll get no PhD’-ish psychobabble from us. No offense to academia, but our leaders speak in real world language–not management theory. Each one of our consultants brings their real world experience to client engagements and, when in the classroom teaching others, have the ability to translate their experiences to make the training “real world” and not theoretical. Our RPC programs are concise, practical, experiential and drive changes in leadership behavior–guaranteed. For more information about our leadership, HR, and employment law training programs, please go to Training Programs.

2. We’re Cost Effective

By doing a great job of quickly identifying root causes to people and performance issues, we’re able to quickly target our interventions and begin to execute.   Our HR On-Call service is provided at a cost of just $275 per hour, pro-rated to the quarter hour.  For smaller employers, this on-demand HR help is an invaluable service, as we provide senior-level HR expertise–at a price that doesn’t break the bank.   Additionally, when we build  training programs for our clients, we target the training toward specific skill gaps–not put in an entire training program with a bunch of modules that are a waste of time.  We customize the right curriculum to drive the desired improvements in leadership behavior and business performance–and at very competitive prices.  At RPC, most of our training programs are under $1,000 per person.  In the current market, leadership and HR training programs are often well over $1500 per person.  We are able to offer our courses at lower price points, as we don’t have the enormous overhead expenses that most larger training organizations have.

3. We’re Easy to get Along with to Schedule and Deliver

We deliver our training courses in a modular format–which means we can create a customized schedule to deliver training, beyond just and “8-4:30” type of schedule. For many employers, two half-day sessions, such as a 7:30-Noon schedule is the solution. For others, scheduling an evening training, to accommodate 2nd shifters is essential. We understand the unique challenges, especially in small business, so we’re very accommodating to client needs and do our best to overcome the obstacles of program scheduling.

In providing HR consulting, such as reviewing a company handbook or assisting with a sensitive employee issue, we’re available when you need us. We also travel and work on-site at client locations for more in-depth projects. This enables us to get to know your people, your culture, and assess situations with a more hands-on approach. So, although we’re based in Southern Florida, we travel throughout the U.S. and abroad to work with our clients. And, we have technology solutions to provide consulting and training via the Web, to minimize costs.

Since the founding of our company in 2002, our mission has been the same:

“To assist people and organizations achieve measurable results through targeted, results-focused training and performance solutions”.