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As an HR consulting practice, we often talk with business owners who are “in a panic” after having just lost their HR Director or key member of the HR team. Often, we can sense a high degree of anxiety in how the business will continue without this key player on the team. Who will handle payroll? How are we going to handle employee relations’ issues? What if we get something from the Department of Labor and we don’t’ know how to deal with it? And, on the questions will come—without any straight answers—because the person who normally has all of those answers is no longer with the organization.

When that happens, clients often turn to us to help to fill in the gaps. We can help, from a consulting standpoint, on how to handle employee relations’ issues and answering compliance questions. However, our HR On-Call service is not a permanent solution. However, what is a great solution is in obtaining Interim HR Staffing.

Through a strategic partnership we have with HrQ, an executive placement and Interim HR Staffing firm, we can help you find your next HR Generalist, Payroll and Benefits Administrator, Manager, Director, VP, or Chief HR Officer.

The way we work with HrQ is that we first get to know our clients’ needs, culture, and get clarity on the technical, functional, and behavioral competencies that will be needed in the role to be filled. At that point, we engage our partners with HrQ, shorten the time-frame on the front side of the engagement by “cutting to the chase” of the type of professional that is needed for your organization—and right now.  Once we have the requirements, we then coordinate with a placement specialist who will work with you on finding an Interim HR professional who will be assigned on a temporary basis until a full-time replacement can be secured. Additionally, our partners at HrQ are able to find that full-time replacement while also managing your Interim HR solution.

As part of our consulting, we can take part in the interviewing process from the beginning to help you identify the top 2-3 candidates. Or, we can simply become engaged when the candidate pool has been narrowed down to 2-3 candidates.   We will then consult with you to guide the process on how best to complete the onboarding process for the newly selected HR leader.

For more information on our Executive Search and Interim HR capabilities, please contact us at or at (800) 517-7129 and Press 2 for Client Services.